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 "These striking silver pendant necklaces are a stylish way to give your friends a gift that is both personal and truly unique." 

"With quality materials and unique-chic style, it's sentiment you can wear without feeling cheesy. " 


"The Nayme Necklace makes gift-giving easy with the perfect blend of sentimentality and elegance." 
"It's not just another piece of jewelry dangling off my neck for fashion purposes, it's so much more!" "Nayme Necklace is the the most unique jewellery I have seen in a long long time!" "I honestly haven't stopped wearing it since."

 "If you are ever looking for a great gift idea, I’d say look no further. It’s a lovely and sentimental gift."

"Absolutely ingenious and incredibly unique!" "Nayme is definitely the most wanted gift of the season."



In August, Nayme was selected as the official players gift for the Rogers Cup tennis tournament. The tournament directors chose us as a unique personalized gift for each player, something different that they had never received before. The tennis stars loved that their necklaces were secured firmly by a quality lobster clasp -- this meant they could keep them on through those tough matches!