It starts with a name.

Every name has a story. We trace the history of each name and discover its meaning.
  • Olivia Name Necklace


    "olive tree"

  • Rebecca Name Necklace


    "to tie"

  • Sarah Name Necklace



  • Jennifer Name Necklace


    "white shadow,

    white wave"

Next, we design necklaces to reflect those meanings.

For example, the name sarah, which means 'princess' is represented by a beautiful tiara necklace.
Personalized name boxes

Finally, we package each necklace in a personalized box.

Our necklaces always come in our signature black ribbon box that details the name, its meaning and origin.

    Kind Words

  • Jordan's Testimonial
    I feel like this necklace couldn't reflect me more. Thanks to Nayme for making something so special!
  • Rachel's Testimonial
    It was the perfect gift to show my maid of honor my appreciation!
  • Gillian's Testimonial
    I love wearing my grandmothers' names, it keeps their memory close to my heart.

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